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Our Technology

Charles Taylor InsureTech’s Tide, rethinks the way delegated authority information is handled to help insurers make data driven decisions and reduce processing and compliance costs.

Key Features

As easy as 1-2-3: Submitting bordereaux couldn't be simpler. With just 3 clicks of the mouse, your bordereaux are associated with the correct binder and period. No emails to send, addresses or references to find; Tide knows who the recipients are and takes care of the leg work.

Answer questions - and you're done!: Tide may ask you some simple questions about the data you are submitting. Once those questions are answered the process is complete - no deluge of emails and phone calls months later. And Tide remembers your answers and applies them automatically thereafter. A simple process, completed in one step.

Clarity delivered: London's data requirements are often complex and vary depending on the type of business being written. Tide understands the detail of what is required, and crucially the context - when are certain fields required and why? Tide intelligently presents these requirements to you during the process, with options such as default values presented as part of the process. No separate documents to analyse - just simple...

Structured data through a structured process: Tide is not a blank canvas or a generic technical tool. The Tide platform and services have been designed specifically for managing, transforming, validating and reporting delegated authority data. You are guided through the process and know exactly what needs to happen next and where every data item is in the workflow.

Let Tide guide you through the process: Tide delivers structured data through a structured process. You don’t need a user manual, technical skills, or formula to operate Tide - you simply follow the guided process, answering clear English questions where requested. ‚Äč If a data issue is identified in Tide, we don't take it 'offline' into chains of emails and phone calls - it's seamlessly resolved as part of the process. Clear guidance, options for resolution, and of course a full audit trail of every change from original to corrected values.

Your data, no restrictions: Tide provides you with complete access to standardised, high quality, granular, risk, premium, and claims data. How you access this information is entirely up to you... You can use Tide's dashboards and reports out-of-the-box or access your data direct from Excel for immediate and familiar analysis. Alternatively, connect the data to your in-house analysis tools that you use today.

Flexibility starts at the foundations: Tide's flexibility has been built from it's foundations. A multi-tenant architecture, delivering flexible market collaboration. A user configurable data framework, allowing new data standards to be rolled out to the market in minutes. A configurable rule framework allowing data validation to be new warnings or hard-stop checks to be deployed to specific classes or territories.

Business Benefits

Insurer Benefits

  • Real-time data visibility
  • Ability to actively manage portfolio
  • Ability to quickly identify and intervene when things go wrong
  • Reduce claim disputes
  • Reduce cost of processing bordereau data
  • Meet the data reporting requirements of today, and future-proof for those of tomorrow

Coverholder Benefits

  • Reduce time spent preparing and submitting bordereaux
  • Reduce time dealing with bordereau queries
  • Reduce the chance of writing risks outside of binding agreement
  • Reduce claim disputes
  • Access to extensive management dashboard