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INSIS provides clients with a complete, modern, scalable, digital insurance solution using proven reusable components, that address the challenges of both platform modernisation and securing future business growth and profitability.


  • Cloud and SaaS Ready: INSIS is offered as a service or in a private or public clouds
  • Multi-Tenant Environment: The unique application architecture of INSIS provides full multi-country and multi-company support in a single INSIS instance
  • Service Bus: The rule service bus allows INSIS modules to use "foreign" configuration data (provided by third party rule engines) as well as external systems to use INSIS Configurator
  • Integrated with Oracle BPA: Any business process configured with BPA can be dragged and dropped in the workflow builder

Business Capabilities

  • Full end-to-end policy lifecycle management support
  • Extensive catalogue of generic reusable process components
  • Integrated Business Process Modelling tool for definition of business processes
  • Business Process components can be switched on or off to support “Best of Breed” model

  • Integrated Party Management component for managed of Client data in single repository, with ability to integrate with external Client Management system if required
  • Ability to support white labelling – of manufactured products for sale / service by partner affinities and third parties
  • Multi country, multi company, multi language, multi currency within single system instance