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Our Solutions

In order to gain competitive insight you will need a partner who truly understands your business: Your people, culture and processes. As a tier one partner, the team at Charles Taylor InsureTech are uniquely placed to provide the depth of insurance knowledge required, which combined with their up to date experience of the very latest analytics technologies, enables them to offer you game changing solutions.

We recognise that every solution will be as unique as your organisation. With full knowledge of your strategic rationale we will work with you to identify exactly which opportunities are capable of delivering the best return on your data investment. Our framework focuses on improving your internal capability one step at a time, providing adaptable and sustainable solutions, whilst our solution accelerators will ensure you see measurable results early on in engagements.

The central role of data insights and risk management

The need to continuously adapt is an accelerating trend, and alongside the recent emergence of technological disruption as a key force in business, the recurring theme is of data’s potential as a  catalyst for change. Of all of sectors, the insurance industry is one of the most data-driven and data reliant of all, and as such the industry and it’s risk management processes offers technologists a real opportunity to improve insights and outcomes.

Some ways in which we can help

  • Premium quotation to conversion predictive analysis
  • Profitability and segmentation analysis
  • Improved management of regulatory compliance
  • Delivery of claims settlements at lower costs via claims process predictive analytics
  • Premium and loss analysis