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Focus on the outcomes

Outcome 1

Better reporting to improve
business performance

Discover our broking

Outcome 2

Create the foundation for
digital transformation

Discover advanced insurance
process management.

Outcome 3

Get the right information
at the right time

Discover process automation and
document management.

Outcome 4

Shorten your journey
to market

Discover our digital
distribution channel.

Outcome 5

Make data-driven

Discover how to streamline
data for better insights.

Outcome 6

Manage claims on a
single platform

Discover efficient
claims management.

Choose your path

Charles Taylor InsureTech adds real value by identifying clients’ needs and wants, and mapping them to tailored solutions that support strategic business objectives. That way, we never lose sight of what you and your customers are trying to achieve.  

We start by understanding your business and operational challenges. This helps us to personalise our approach, develop solutions and deliver a better way of doing things.

Consultative approach

Consultative approach
  • Expert advice and outcome-focused planning
  • Technology healthcheck
  • Challenge existing perceptions
  • Recommend measurable outcomes

Understanding that every client is different, we tailor our deep, in-market consultative approach to your exact needs, so you know how to turn strategic challenges into actionable benefits.

Modular approach

Modular approach
  • Expert advice and phased planning
  • Integrate flexible, scalable solutions
  • Enrich current business model
  • Expand customer offerings

Adapting to a changing market can be a daunting prospect. By evolving in phases, you can get to a customer-focused, digitally enabled future at your own pace.

End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution
  • Expert advice and detailed planning
  • Integrate existing solutions
  • Personalise offerings and experiences
  • Generate new net revenue at speed

If you’re looking to create new products, services and business models, we offer an end-to-end solution that will take you on a smooth journey from clear business objectives to digital transformation and measurable outcomes.